Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dettol Launches Dishwash

Dettol, the iconic brand from Reckitt Benckiser launched a dishwash under the name “Dettol Kitchen Gel”.  Reckitt Benckiser, owns brands like Lizol, Harpic, Cherry Blossom and Disprin. The Rs.400 crore Dettol is the market leader in liquid hand wash market with more than 50% market share and faces stiff competition from HUL lifebuoy liquid hand wash. Dettol’s core positioning continues to be the same i.e germ protection. Even HUL was also positioned its lifebuoy liquid hand wash on the same germ protection platform.

Coming to this, Dettol Kitchen gel was positioned as a multipurpose germ cleaner & germ killer. Hence, Reckitt Benckiser, named it as a kitchen gel than a dish wash. So it can be used for cleaning utensil, kitchen surface, sinks and cooking tops. With the launch of this product, Reckitt Benckiser gives stringent competition to HUL’s Vim. Dettol, an 80 year old brand dominating in hand wash segment is going to take on 100 year old brand dominated dish wash space.

Well, innovations are essential to survive & succedd in the market. According to the company sources, the current brand extension is a part of company’s strategy to enhance its product folio, market share & business. It would be quite interesting to see, how Dettol is going to battle the competition from Vim of HUL.  Nonetheless, we have to see, wether Dettol’s core positioning works in the dish wash space as well. Until then, watch your kitchens wether Dettol replaces brand like Pril, Vim, & Exo or not.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Green Marketing

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Green marketing is defined as an organization’s strategy to design, promote, price and distribute products which are environment friendly that minimizes the harmful impact on the environment. Simply said, marketing products that are environmentally safe. The green consciousness was began in the late 60’s and has become more  popular in the early 80’s. As a result, firms adopt this philosophy to design/offer products that suits to the desires of consumer due to growing concern towards the environment. And today, it has one of the tool to grab more market share .

Green Buying Behavior:

Green buying behavior referred to the consumption of products which have minimal/no impact on the environment. The green buying behavior is used interchangeably with green purchase behavior, ecologically responsible purchase behavior, pro-environmental purchase behavior.

Over a period of time consumer behavior had changed a lot due to increased consumer awareness towards protecting the environment from environmental hazards. Hence consumers preferring eco-friendly products which preserves the environment and also satisfies them. As a result, marketer begin to design/offer these products as desired by the consumer that have little/no impact on the ecosystem. To enable this, marketers have changed their production process, packaging, and advertising even.

            Further, green purchase behavior of consumers drives the demand for green products. Moreover, eco-conscious consumers are ready to spend little more for buying  environmentally friendly products. It is clearly observed that eco-conscious consumers are showcasing their disapproval for products that are polluting the environment. Even consumers are appreciating the enterprises that are environment sensitive. Certainly, the demand for green products is on the rise as perception of consumers towards products and environment is changing.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sprite says “Chalo Apni Chaal”

Sprite, the lime and lemony drink of Coca cola, is all set to come up with new campaign which says “chalo apni chaal”. Sprite, in the previous campaign, just talked about quenching thrust and nothing else. Whereas the new campaign mainly focus on to the youth, which puts the character in the campaign as a trickster whose aim is to get a girl which is absolutely different from its previous campaign. I hope the new campaign would favor the brand in enhancing its share. Moreover, in India, it is a practice to have lemon water in the summer to cool the body. And I hope this is another factor that would have contributed the brand to capture sizable market share. In Indian cola market, coca cola is the visible market leader with thumps up and sprite, 15% & 14% market share respectively as per the industry estimates. Even experts in the industry asserted that sprite would push other brands down by taking leading position in the lime/lemony market.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Demarketing refers to all the activities or attempts to discourage customers in general or specific segment of customers on a temporary or permanent basis. The term demarketing was coined by Kotler & Levy. Simply, it includes marketing activities for reducing the demand for products.It procrastinates or postpones the demand but does not kill the demand.
There are three approaches for demarketing:

1) Selective Demarketing: Discourages the demand from particular segment of customers
   eg: Alcohol sales to minors in the US is restricted

2) General Demarketing: This type of demarketing is applied to reduce the demand for a product for specific time period

  eg: Firms facing shortage of products

3) Ostensible marketing: Creates artificial scarcity for a product for Building brand image.

Why De-marketing:

    Demarketing is a good strategy to use when the demand is greater than the production, insufficient production, and when the firm could not meet the huge demand. Moreover, it can be used as a tool for procrastinating the demand. It is also used when the marketer      does not want to serve particular customer segment or territory due to reasons like less   profits or high costs. Knowingly or unknowingly most of the retailers and firms use   demarketing in their business operations.

    Another reasons that can be attributed to demarketing are sustainable marketing practices, environmental conscious consumers and evolving consumer behaviour. Even researchers in Consumer Behavior suggest that consumers do give high value to less available products in some product categories. So demarketing has got a vital role to play in the contemporary marketing. Nevertheless, firms can make use of demarketing in a positive way to enhance brand image and to meet customer expectations on quality.

Some of Demarketing Tactics:
  1. Dicrease promotional expenditure
  2. Increase Price of products
  3. Reduce Product Attractiveness
  4. Restrict Product Availability
  5. Increase availability of Product Substitutes
  6. Warning Labels
  7. Increase Taxes
  8. Reduce Consumption Spaces

Ranganadh Emmadi

Monday, February 4, 2013

Raymonds to Launch “Parke Avenue” Brand Shampoo

Yes, what you seen is right, its Raymond, the leading fabric & apparel manufacturer is to launch new beer shampoo, under Park Avenue brand. Raymond was positioned itself as a leader in grooming industry and decided to enter into shampoo market. And the Indian shampoo market is estimated to be around 2700-3000 crores. Raymond is to launch beer shampoo, an innovative product which is being introduced for the first time in india.

Park Avenue is in the personal care (male) market with products like deodorants, soap, face washes, hair creams and shaving gels. Right now, the brand is being extended to shampoo with high expectation of huge growth potential.

Raymonds decision to introduce shampoo can be attributed to factors like increased concern of consumers on physical appearance, growing middle class, and evolving customer needs and preferences.Other factors could be high growth cosmetic market, and the company may be wanted to enter into new product categories or to increase its portfolio of products.
 Very soon the product will be available in retail stores and the price would be more or less of competitors brands such as P&G  and HUL.

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo comes in a beer like bottle and the color looks like beer and so is the smell. It makes you hair softer, shiny and gives less lather. So here is a shampoo like beer with functionality of a shampoo.