Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juzt Jelly: A New Category from Alpenliebe

Perfetti, global manufacturer of confectionary and gum, market leader in candy segment in India, has successfully created new category of jelly confectionery through its brand Juzt Jelly caught the attention of indian consumers. Juzt Jelly was launched as a sub-brand of Alpenliebe. Later Alpenliebe was moved from a sugar candy brand to an umbrella brand endorsing a range of confectionery products from eclairs, lollipops, and jelly.

As it was new category, Juzt Jelly was launched in the market through celebrity endorsement of Bollywood actress Kajol. The brand had the tagline goes like this " mast jelly ". Later the brand has taken aggressive step to animation based campaign themed Jelly ki Duniya, may be with the view of enticing its target customers i.e children. The reason could be that confectionery category consumers are kids.As of now, Juzt Jelly is offered in flavors of strawberry, orange and lychee, moreover, most of its promotions is concentrated on the strawberry flavor only. The launch of the Juzt Jelly made ITC to launch the brand Candyman Jellicious, which further contributed to enhance product category.

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