Monday, September 30, 2013

Auto Rickshaw’s- The New Means of Marketing

Uninor, the telecom company, come up with the new strategy of using auto rickshaw’s and milk men, and newspaper vendors for selling SIM cards and recharge vouchers. Having seen this, another  telco Videocon, wooing its customers with LED TV for selling SIM card and recharge vouchers.

These companies are offering the same commission as they offer to a shop retailer and it will fetch auto drivers nearly Rs. 2500/ month for 50 transactions. Being closer to the customers enabled the company to garner better market. With this result, Uninor is planning to launch more auto recharge vehicles in different cities across Maharashtra in the coming months. I hope that the new strategy will help in getting  incremental sales and open up new employment opportunities.

Indian Retail Sector Posted Double Digit Sales In 2012-2013

Major retail chains like Reliance Fresh, Easyday, Star Bazzar and More have posted double digit sales growth in the year 2012-2013. In the last two years, most of the players were shutting up their shops, and these players increased sales by focusing on efficient supply chain management and by closing down the non performing stores. Top executives of these companies are attributed this to efficiently reducing the operating losses and focusing on performance management that resulted in improving the bottomline and topline growth.


 Current situation is far better than what it was two years back, and still one has to watch, how the Indian retail sector is going to progress after Indian govt allowed FDI in retail sector. Still Indian retail sector is swamped with problems like lack of skilled persons, lack of efficient supply chain and lack of infrastructure.