Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dettol Launches Dishwash

Dettol, the iconic brand from Reckitt Benckiser launched a dishwash under the name “Dettol Kitchen Gel”.  Reckitt Benckiser, owns brands like Lizol, Harpic, Cherry Blossom and Disprin. The Rs.400 crore Dettol is the market leader in liquid hand wash market with more than 50% market share and faces stiff competition from HUL lifebuoy liquid hand wash. Dettol’s core positioning continues to be the same i.e germ protection. Even HUL was also positioned its lifebuoy liquid hand wash on the same germ protection platform.

Coming to this, Dettol Kitchen gel was positioned as a multipurpose germ cleaner & germ killer. Hence, Reckitt Benckiser, named it as a kitchen gel than a dish wash. So it can be used for cleaning utensil, kitchen surface, sinks and cooking tops. With the launch of this product, Reckitt Benckiser gives stringent competition to HUL’s Vim. Dettol, an 80 year old brand dominating in hand wash segment is going to take on 100 year old brand dominated dish wash space.

Well, innovations are essential to survive & succedd in the market. According to the company sources, the current brand extension is a part of company’s strategy to enhance its product folio, market share & business. It would be quite interesting to see, how Dettol is going to battle the competition from Vim of HUL.  Nonetheless, we have to see, wether Dettol’s core positioning works in the dish wash space as well. Until then, watch your kitchens wether Dettol replaces brand like Pril, Vim, & Exo or not.

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