Saturday, February 2, 2013

Market Process Outsourcing (MPO)

Well after a long break, I am back with some info on new business concept which evolved recent times. You might heard about BPO, KPO but may not MPO. What is MPO. It is Market Process Outsourcing, which is not entirely a new concept, most of the services offered by MPO are previously offered by marketing consultancies or agencies.
MPO’s takes the responsibilities of most of marketing functions of a client’s business. It offers services such as PR, branding, distribution, marketing consultancy, research and etc. Simply said, MPO companies offer marketing solutions in a best possible way under the client’s budget limitations.

Marketing never been a simple task, with increasing number companies and brands, it becomes an intricate task for any organization. As competition grows, burden on marketing department raises. In order to alleviate pressure and tap on new opportunities, MPO’s surfaced.


Determines Marketing Objectives

Branding & Advertising

Public Relation & Publicity


Marketing Research

Accomplishing Sales & Objectives of Client

Defines Methodology for Executing each Activity

Monitoring & Evaluation of Marketing functions and updating to Client

Enhancing ROI

Providing complete report to the Client

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