Friday, November 13, 2015

Brand Update: Peter England-Be Everything You Love

Peter England,the brand which came to india with the promise of Honest shirt in 1997 has undergone significant change. Later the brand adopted the new tagline of "Begining good Things" in 2010. During this period, the brand has celebrity endorser and the brand personality was that of honest and serious brand.

Recently, Peter England has changed it personality to a new avatar, a very youthful and adventurous brand. The same was reflected in its advertisement even. The new tagline is " Be Everything You Love".

In recent years, more products has been added to brand portfolio like belts, bags and others. The brand is seriously trying to focus on young generation which is the target market for this brand. The theme that was adopted by the brand was earlier used by many other brands which is a stereotype. The job interview setting environment, older interviewer and young hero.

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Overall, the brand has transformed its personality based on its new positioning which was aptly suits to youth generation. Lets watch, how the brand is going to do with its new Avatar in the coming days.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Brand Launch : Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra launched 110 CC scoter in 2014 with "Gusto" brand. Of course, its going to compete with leading players like Honda Activa, Hero Maestro, TVS Jupiter and others. 

Gusto was positioned on car-like features. The brand claims that it has got car-like features like remote key, height adjustable seat, LED pilot lamps and  Find lamps. Usually, car owners look down upon two wheeler riders. May be this compelled Mahindra to position its brand Gusto on this theme of car-like features. Hence, the Gusto campaign features the same, showing car owners surprised when they see car-like features in Gusto.The brand tagline is "Kisi Se Kam Nahi". Even the ad campaign also showcase "Gusto" is having robust engine and body, which it wanted to convey public through this tagline. 

        Certainly, Mahindra did differentiated its two wheeler brands Gusto, Centuro with its innovation. Of course the brand is a pioneer in offering car-like features in two wheelers. But, there is immense scope to easily imitated by competitors. The company is focusing all its efforts to grab a little market share in scooter segment. Personally, I opine that the design & style was absolutely aesthetic and was not imitated from somebody else. As per my friends reviews, the performance of the vehicle was good and has got comfortable riding experience along with reasonably good mileage that makes "Gusto" best choice in scooter segment/ or a buy if someone looking to buy a scooter from pure Indian players.      

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Vivo Mobiles Replaces PepsiCo as IPL Title Sponsor

Vivo Mobiles, the Chinese based mobile manufacturer, got title sponsorship for the IPL that would boost the market in near term. Vivo, entered the indian market in last year with very low market share, and this attempt would give the company a kind of push for its marketing efforts. Vivo replaced PepsiCo for getting sponsorship for the T20 Tournment and BCCI has also announced that Vivo has been assigned the title sponsorship for IPL. This could be around Rs.150 crore deal for two years, as per BCCI official. 

Vivo Mobiles is mainly focusing on Rs 10,000 and above priced smartphones and it has also premium handsets priced above Rs 30,000. Moreover, the company is positioning itself as a premium brand. Vivo want to focus more on the offline retail to give better customer experience.The company aims to sell more than two million smartphones in the country. Moreover, the company intends to set-up an assembling plant in the country.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Coca Cola to Launch Fuze Tea in India

In a move to widen its portfolio of healthier beverages, Coca cola is about launch Fuze range of teas in india,($1 billion global brand), after the launch of Coca cola zero last year. The fruit-juice based Fuze tea would compete with HUL’s Lipton ice tea, a venture between HUL and PepsiCo.

Coca cola has got ambitions to enter into packaged tea category since its venture with Nestle was called off. The ready to drink tea segment is estimated around Rs.100 crore. Industry experts are of the view that the current move would reduce its dependence on carbonated and also de-risks seasonality of beverages.

Fuze tea will be introduced in 250 ml pet bottles priced at Rs 30 each. In the first phase, the company would be launching its Fuze tea in Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad, Goa and Delhi.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Raymonds Ropes in Farhan Akhtar as Brand Ambassador

In an attempt to boost the sales of its deodorants “Park Avenue”, Raymonds group has roped in Farhan Akhtar, as Brand Ambassador.  The group is of the opinion that Farhan will appeal to young consumers as he stands for substance and integrity and aimed at rejuvenation of brand. 

The deodorants market, which is valued at Rs.3500 crore with more than 1000 brands competing each other. The group want to take the leverage of its brand Park Avenue which has got huge reputation in the grooming sector. However, the group aims to take its market share to new highs from existing seven percent. Moreover, the group plans to enter in to hair care and skin care segments. The deodorants is part of its FMCG segment JK Helene Curtis (JKHC).

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Liril Relaunched

Liril is back with its old jingle.  HUL relaunched its Liril soap, its Iconic brand with its classic jingle and iconic imagery of a girl in a waterfall by Karen Lunel.  Earlier in 1990’s the brand was positioned on various themes and it was diminished. Now the brand is back with its original theme “freshness” and the tagline is “Freshness is back”.  Relaunch of this brand may bring back the memories to millions of customers, but one has to watch as to how well the brand targets the next gen people.

Relaunch of this brand may bring happiness to its once loyal customers, but frequent change of positioning had given a bitter experience to HUL and it was a great learning for brand managers. 

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


A doppelgänger brand image or DBI is collection of disparaging images and stories about a brand that are circulated in popular culture by a loosely organized network of consumers, anti-brand activists, bloggers, and opinion leaders.

The major motivation for creating a Doppelganger Brand Image is based on the perception that a brand is being inauthentic by claiming to be something that is not or disguising its true nature.

Some of the examples of DBI’s include Pepsi-Colas fat guy and the popular website, There are incidents where DBI affect familiar brands like Starbucks, Apple, and McDonald’s. This DBI even ignores the technological innovations of the parent company. For example, Botox Cosmetic’s, a self enhancement drug helps to remove unwanted facial wrinkles on the face. But negative stories about the drug are well circulated among consumers that it is deadly poison, leads to frozen faces and addiction. Later, the company has come out with a campaign which neutralized the negative brands meaning and gained wider acceptance among consumers.       

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

LuvIt. Or Not

Global Consumer Products (GCP), led by A Mahendran former MD of Godrej Group, entered the FMCG space with the launch of a new chocolate brand ‘LuvIt’. The chocolate market in India is estimated to be around Rs. 7,000 crore, which is dominated by Mondelez’s Cadbury, Nestle’s KitKat and other small player. Mondelez Cadbury has around 70 per cent share, while Nestle with 18 and Ferrero Group with 8 per cent respectively. The chocolate market is growing at a CAGR of 20 % with new players coming in.

The company has got plans to enter into beverages, personal care and many other household products. The acquisition ‘Cherio’ brand from Goodlife Ind., would enable the firm to enter into beverages segment effortlessly. Moreover, it want to make “Cherio” an umbrella brand for beverages category. The company has got plans to launch packaged drinking water, health- based drinks and dairy-based flavored milks. GCP did not rule out entering into ready-to-eat or cook products, including noodles, and snacks.

Needless to say that GCP has got an excellent and credible team, but the challenge is how the company going to establish its distribution network (pan India), will play key role in the success of the new startup.

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Note: Per capita consumption of Chocolate in India is 200 gm and in the US is 8-10 Kg.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Juzt Jelly: A New Category from Alpenliebe

Perfetti, global manufacturer of confectionary and gum, market leader in candy segment in India, has successfully created new category of jelly confectionery through its brand Juzt Jelly caught the attention of indian consumers. Juzt Jelly was launched as a sub-brand of Alpenliebe. Later Alpenliebe was moved from a sugar candy brand to an umbrella brand endorsing a range of confectionery products from eclairs, lollipops, and jelly.

As it was new category, Juzt Jelly was launched in the market through celebrity endorsement of Bollywood actress Kajol. The brand had the tagline goes like this " mast jelly ". Later the brand has taken aggressive step to animation based campaign themed Jelly ki Duniya, may be with the view of enticing its target customers i.e children. The reason could be that confectionery category consumers are kids.As of now, Juzt Jelly is offered in flavors of strawberry, orange and lychee, moreover, most of its promotions is concentrated on the strawberry flavor only. The launch of the Juzt Jelly made ITC to launch the brand Candyman Jellicious, which further contributed to enhance product category.

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Monday, January 12, 2015


The branded tea segment is one of the highly penetrated products in India. The branded or the packaged tea market in India is estimated around 9500 crores growing at a CAGR of 5 percent. The branded tea can be classified into the packed, tea bag, and flavored tea segments and the unbranded segment includes the loose tea in unpacked or tea bag form. According to industry estimates, unpackaged tea accounts for more than 45% of value sales of total tea sold in India and which has got strong presence in the rural market. The rural market is gradually opening its doors to branded or packaged tea brands along with the aggressive promotional strategies with extensive distribution network.

Packaged tea market is extremely penetrated with multiple brands with around 300 brands, dominated by HUL and Tata tea with strong presence in rural and urban market, which together account for 30-40 percent of the total market. Undoubtedly, Unilever is major player and market leader in the Indian tea (packaged) product category. Other brands in the packaged tea segment includes Waghbakri, Duncan's, Eveready, Goodricke, GPI, Girnar,Sapat, Dhunseri, Mohini, Society, Marvel etc. Morever, new product launches are witnessing from the existing players with different flavors and variants. Recently, green tea consumption is increasing its prominence due to health conscious among customers. In near-term, green tea is going to capture its chunk in its total market share.