Monday, August 31, 2015

Raymonds Ropes in Farhan Akhtar as Brand Ambassador

In an attempt to boost the sales of its deodorants “Park Avenue”, Raymonds group has roped in Farhan Akhtar, as Brand Ambassador.  The group is of the opinion that Farhan will appeal to young consumers as he stands for substance and integrity and aimed at rejuvenation of brand. 

The deodorants market, which is valued at Rs.3500 crore with more than 1000 brands competing each other. The group want to take the leverage of its brand Park Avenue which has got huge reputation in the grooming sector. However, the group aims to take its market share to new highs from existing seven percent. Moreover, the group plans to enter in to hair care and skin care segments. The deodorants is part of its FMCG segment JK Helene Curtis (JKHC).

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Liril Relaunched

Liril is back with its old jingle.  HUL relaunched its Liril soap, its Iconic brand with its classic jingle and iconic imagery of a girl in a waterfall by Karen Lunel.  Earlier in 1990’s the brand was positioned on various themes and it was diminished. Now the brand is back with its original theme “freshness” and the tagline is “Freshness is back”.  Relaunch of this brand may bring back the memories to millions of customers, but one has to watch as to how well the brand targets the next gen people.

Relaunch of this brand may bring happiness to its once loyal customers, but frequent change of positioning had given a bitter experience to HUL and it was a great learning for brand managers. 

Watch the Ad here: Click Here

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


A doppelgänger brand image or DBI is collection of disparaging images and stories about a brand that are circulated in popular culture by a loosely organized network of consumers, anti-brand activists, bloggers, and opinion leaders.

The major motivation for creating a Doppelganger Brand Image is based on the perception that a brand is being inauthentic by claiming to be something that is not or disguising its true nature.

Some of the examples of DBI’s include Pepsi-Colas fat guy and the popular website, There are incidents where DBI affect familiar brands like Starbucks, Apple, and McDonald’s. This DBI even ignores the technological innovations of the parent company. For example, Botox Cosmetic’s, a self enhancement drug helps to remove unwanted facial wrinkles on the face. But negative stories about the drug are well circulated among consumers that it is deadly poison, leads to frozen faces and addiction. Later, the company has come out with a campaign which neutralized the negative brands meaning and gained wider acceptance among consumers.