Monday, October 15, 2012

Cinthol: Alive is Awesome

Cinthol, the popular bath soap brand of Godrej, is making an attempt to bring back its splendor through a new ad campaign. At last, Brand Cinthol decided to reposition its self and launched the new ad campaign. The brand has new tagline “Alive is Awesome”. It seems brand is targeting youth who always want to be alive and live the life to the fullest. And the brand is seriously trying to connect to the next generation consumers. 

The new ad campaign is seriously trying to connect the nextgen consumers and it is clearly visible in the ad campaign. The new ad missed the natural element and seems the roles were compelled to do so by screaming along with lyrics. With this effort, one can understood that the brand is very serious to uplift the brand and wanna to give new face.
Earlier, in the year 2008, the brand was endorsed by Hrithik Roshan and the tagline was ”Don’t Stop”. With this effort Godrej expected bright future for the brand but unfortunately it was temporary.

By choosing different messages or taglines, the brand is confusing consumers which is not at all acceptable, instead it can stick one messages but present in new way. The brands new positioning element is “Being Alive” which makes a lot of sense with target market like youth- who wants to alive all the time and grab the attention of their peer group. The New Cinthol soap, including other variants comes in rectangular bar form along with paper packaging similar to that of classic Cinthol soap. The rectangular shape and packaging gives the brand a unique identity.On the whole, the new platform makes sense and hope that the brand regains its glory again and sustains further.