Monday, March 8, 2010

social media marketing

social media marketing is the new tool in the field of marketing communication. Now a days we are increasingly heard about the twitter, and facebook. social media makes use of social networking sites for communication about an event, or product. It is mainly used to create a "buzz" in the market about an event, may be new product launch or an object. social media enables two way communciation, which is not possible through the traditional form advertising. some call it as PR Tool and other say it is digital advertising. Most of the corporates and even political parties are utilizing the benefits offered by social media. In the recent general elections, congress party leveraged the social media sites for driving traffic to its "jai Ho" video on Youtube website. Not only this, reputed corporate conlomerates like TATA's telecom company TATA Teleservices, used twitter to create buzz about the launch of GSM services under the brand of TATA DOCOMO. It has got both positive and negetives as well.