Friday, November 13, 2015

Brand Update: Peter England-Be Everything You Love

Peter England,the brand which came to india with the promise of Honest shirt in 1997 has undergone significant change. Later the brand adopted the new tagline of "Begining good Things" in 2010. During this period, the brand has celebrity endorser and the brand personality was that of honest and serious brand.

Recently, Peter England has changed it personality to a new avatar, a very youthful and adventurous brand. The same was reflected in its advertisement even. The new tagline is " Be Everything You Love".

In recent years, more products has been added to brand portfolio like belts, bags and others. The brand is seriously trying to focus on young generation which is the target market for this brand. The theme that was adopted by the brand was earlier used by many other brands which is a stereotype. The job interview setting environment, older interviewer and young hero.

Watch the Ad: Click Here

Overall, the brand has transformed its personality based on its new positioning which was aptly suits to youth generation. Lets watch, how the brand is going to do with its new Avatar in the coming days.  

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