Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Green Marketing

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Green marketing is defined as an organization’s strategy to design, promote, price and distribute products which are environment friendly that minimizes the harmful impact on the environment. Simply said, marketing products that are environmentally safe. The green consciousness was began in the late 60’s and has become more  popular in the early 80’s. As a result, firms adopt this philosophy to design/offer products that suits to the desires of consumer due to growing concern towards the environment. And today, it has one of the tool to grab more market share .

Green Buying Behavior:

Green buying behavior referred to the consumption of products which have minimal/no impact on the environment. The green buying behavior is used interchangeably with green purchase behavior, ecologically responsible purchase behavior, pro-environmental purchase behavior.

Over a period of time consumer behavior had changed a lot due to increased consumer awareness towards protecting the environment from environmental hazards. Hence consumers preferring eco-friendly products which preserves the environment and also satisfies them. As a result, marketer begin to design/offer these products as desired by the consumer that have little/no impact on the ecosystem. To enable this, marketers have changed their production process, packaging, and advertising even.

            Further, green purchase behavior of consumers drives the demand for green products. Moreover, eco-conscious consumers are ready to spend little more for buying  environmentally friendly products. It is clearly observed that eco-conscious consumers are showcasing their disapproval for products that are polluting the environment. Even consumers are appreciating the enterprises that are environment sensitive. Certainly, the demand for green products is on the rise as perception of consumers towards products and environment is changing.

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