Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marico Launches Parachute’s Advanced BodyLotion

Popular FMCG player Marico launched body lotion/moisturizer for skin recently under Parachute Brand. As we just entered in winter season, the company is ready to hit the market with body lotion product to the customers. Especially dry skin needs special care & attnetion  during the winter season and here is the product in the from Parachute advanced Body Lotion. The product is priced Rs.40 for 100 ml and Rs.20 for 45 ml and Rs.99 for 250ml.Certainly the pricing of the product is going to lure consumers towards it.  And the brand claims that it is natural moisturizer for soft and silky skin with milk of coconut which is not away from its basic coconut ingredient. 

The product makes use of ingredient by name Carbomer, which is an excellent thickening agent. Hypo-allergenic ,does not support bacterial growth. It has also got a nice skin feel producing solutions and gels that feel rich and luxurious to the touch.

Moreover, the bottle comes with a nozzle tip, bottle shape is curvy that represents body of a female. The product positioning portrays that it gives soft and beautiful skin for the product users and TV commercial also supports it. The ad try to convey the message of soft skin that provokes you touch again and again. That's why the brand extension has got the tagline "Love Dobara".  

Marico is offering a various products for hair oil, hair care, and even skin care. It seems  Marico intention is to make parachute a personal care brand.     

Parachute Body Lotion TVC:Click Here