Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tips For Business/Business Tips

1. Know Your Blood Group

Don’t get confused with your real blood group, you should know your appetite, whether it is for money or to be own boss.
a)      To earn money:  Money should be the destiny of your business.
b)      To be own Boss: One can have one or two bosses where you are working, but where as in business organization, all customers are your bosses and you need to satisfy them and to focus on retaining then which is not a easy task in the current highly competitive world.

One should have “Noble” objective like to build world class organization with values and enabling employees to grow with it. For example, during the initial years of establishment of Infosys, Narayanamurthy has to take the delivery of computers, for that he has to pay Rs.25000 as a bribe, or has to pay Rs.100000 officially to take delivery otherwise. But Narayanamurthy has chosen to pay one lakh and took the delivery of the computers. This is an example of an organization with core values, and such organizations stands to be successful in the long run and poised t face any kind of challenges and deliver great value to its stakeholders.
2. When to Start

     Definitely, there is no good time to start a business. Some experiment while studying, some start it after completion of their graduation and some will start after gaining work/job experience. Here one can learn from animal “Tiger”. It goes back one step backward, before going forward. Here, you must think about pros and cons before taking any decision. And some says, it is always better to start the business as early as possible, so that one commits mistakes and learn from it.  

3. Idea Bank

      Any business must be emanated from an idea. For example, the famous VadaPav of Bombay, or jumbo king, or calorie care, or cash your drive, all businesses were started with the birth of new idea. An idea may be good or bad or poor, should not ignore, because it may lead to give some other new ideas. Here, you should not only consider the idea, but you should make some value addition to it. So that it must be new to the market and innovative, otherwise you can not attract customers to your product. You can attract customers to your product with right quality and   price. According to Steve Jobs, “Business offers what the customer wants and also offer what customer does not expect” in order to delight the customers. It is certainly true in current business scenario. Most of the companies try to satisfy the customers, but you should try to delight the customers always.
            You should protect your business ideas with copyright or patents as there are so many companies try to imitate and launch similar products in to the market. We have been witnessing this from a longtime.

For new ideas or business startups, one can contact National Innovation Foundation.

4. Don’t Fear

Characteristics of Entrepreneur:

  1. Creativity
  2. Dedication
  3. Mental stability
  4. Ability to understand change
  5. Commitment
  6. Self confidence
  7. Knowledge
       As a budding entrepreneur, one has to take care of everything and can not escape that you don’t know. One has to know the limits, try to overcome it, as it is related to individual life ambitions.

5. Goal Planning

Plan your business first. Once you have business idea, next step is to focus on getting investments. Now, there are many banks ready offer loans for your business once they satisfy with your business project. Next is to getting customers to your product which is the most complex and difficult part. After that you need to focus on break even sales, once crossed that you will be in profits.

 6. New Organisation

         New organization is like a new baby. Imagine, how much care you would take for a new born baby. Whenever baby cries, you need to take care, whether it is for milk or some other problem. You need to find out it, so that baby sleeps happily. Likewise, you need to take care of your new business or organization. Always take care about the problems faced by the business in order to have cash cow like organization. Always maintain income/expense data, go through it carefully. Next is plan to source money or investment which is very important for running the business.  Try to have angel investor who share similar opinion like you, and always be careful while selecting partners.


7. Business as Water Flow

           Business is compared to flow of water. Though the company offers very quality product, after some time customers are dissatisfied due to lack of innovation. So, it becomes the responsibility of any organization to offer better product with better services and try delight the customers with innovative features.

Eg: Apples iPhone

For any business organization, “Understanding Customer is Very Important”. “Grilling Guru”, a restaurant in Bombay offers mineral water for free. There is a strong reason behind this. The moment you enter into the restaurant, waiter asks customer, ordinary/mineral water, thereby making the customer to think about the price at the very beginning. Hence, the owner start offering free mineral water to his customers. Today, the restaurant turnover is around 130 crores.

8. Technology

        Undoubtedly, we are living in a technology driven world. Nothing goes smooth without the use of the technology right from cell phone to software. So understand the benefits of the technology to the business and leverage it.

To mention, there are many firms who made use of technology and reaped benefits. For example, aryanflorist.com, the site owner earns 46000 per day. Way2sms, a website for sending free sms, was sold for millions to other firm. Even sabir Bhatia’s hotmail.


          Personality of organization was established due to effective execution of business practices. For example, Tata’s has established trust among its customers. It took over a decade to establish that personality. Similarly, your organization can also have personality. For that as a promoter or leader to a group, your behaviour  & habits influence the existence /survival of an orgnisation. After venturing in to the business, most individuals have second thought of going back to job if situation not favourable/or into losses.Never think of going back to job, you feel it as life and death situation, then only you can lead the business successfully.

          As a leader make your employees goal oriented and motivate/influence them. Prepare them like You.

10. Social responsibility

          After all business is getting all its resources from the society, whether it money, men, materials etc. So it becomes your responsibility to do something good to the society. That means giving back to the society. And you could it any form, by providing employment training, by imparting education, by providing medical facilities, and etc. Now a days, there are social entrepreneurs, who transformed lives of societal members. Even students from IIT’s are taking this as their profession.    

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