Sunday, August 26, 2012


Well, after the Chinese noodles, pizzas, and Italian pasta, what is the next food trend that is going to woo Indian consumers. Surely, it the Doughnut, a popular snack among kids and youngsters in the US. Doughnut is a sweet baked item. The product already has made its inroads into Indian market. Doughnut has to undergo slight change to suit to the Indian palate. Simply said it is going to be indianized just like pizza which was offered in local taste and flvaors to suit to Indian consumers.

Singapore based, Doughnut Baker already entered india in 2007 with one store in Bangalore and plans to open up nearly 100 stores in a span of 2-3 years across major metro cities like Hyderabad, and Chennai etc.Currently, Doughnut Bakers offers 22 different varieties starting from Rs.30 to Rs.70 for the premium ones. Another International player Krispy Kreme plans to enter india.

So friends, here is an opportunity for new entrepreneurs to start the business through franchise. Otherwise you can alone start a store with your own brand but it requires expertise in terms of producing original flavor or else, if one is having a bakery, start offering Doughnut to your consumers before somebody else do it.

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