Friday, April 1, 2011


TVS company is in the limelight again with its new brand/product Wego, after its vehicles TVS Victor and TVS Apache motorcycle.

Recently, it launched gear less scooter TVS Wego, with engine capacity of 110cc which is priced around Rs.42000. Though it has already launched TVS Scooty with 60cc, the main intention in launching the product is to encounter and compete with Honda Activa, the market leader in this segment. Hero Honda, another competitor, also offers Hero Honda pleasure that targets lady customers.

Moreover, the time of launching of Wego is perfectly planned when the Honda could not meet the demand for Activa, with its long waiting period. This would certainly make customers compel to look for the alternatives in this segment. It is also considered that Wego could well compete with its market leader with its different value propositions.

Wego with its design, style, innovative features and with body balance (USP) which is essential for safety and stability, and critical factor for the balance of the vehicle, which was lacking in some of the scooters. TVS company chosen the feature as its USP and try to promote heavily.

With its unique value propositions i.e the body balance which is the USP and also the positioning element of the product, TVS company communicated the same to its target customers (couples) through its TVC and try to create association between the brand and body balance.

          Certainly Wego, could pose challenge to Activa with its heavy promotional campaign. Moreover, the success of the product relys on the performance, and Indian consumers are very conservative and won't take purchase decision until they get positive customer reviews about the product.        


Ranganadh Emmadi

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  1. TVS motors is a great company in two wheeler makers in India, it produces a lots of bikes and scooter in India. TVS Wego is a straight competitor of Honda Activa. Wego has all features and elements to fight against competitor.
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