Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Wikileaks, the site has become so popular with its acts, ie giving out information or secrets about countries and diplomatic ties. When its owner Assanje, disclosed that he has got millions of official documents pertinent to the US and other countries and the entire world was shocked with its vast networks that it has got through the world. As governments of different countries could not digested the acts of site and try to curb him some how, and finally filed cased case against him on the charges of rape & also blocked his site.
After this incident in London press meet, he revealed the disc of having names those having Swiss bank accounts who saved millions or billions of blackmoney belonging to nearly 40 countries. And we should not be surprised as to how they got information, but we must appreciate this particular act. So here we got the chance to support site as its tagline is "support us". So here is the moment to support it folks as it has done a great job indeed. Even though, NDA parties demanding the government to get back the blackmoney in Swiss bank accounts. It seems the government is unheard of it or not bothered at all. When such inactive governments exist no initiative is anticipated even though information is available. So who has to take care of this? It is we the citizens of the country, must bring about awareness about corruption and try build up pressure on the government to take severe action on them. Even we are alone we can express anger about the corruption through placards and can carryout agitations to fight against corruption. I request all the citizens and even students of this country to join the movement against corruption.

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