Monday, January 10, 2011

Marketing Management -Important Questions

I st Unit
Write in detail about Marketing Tasks and Philosophies 
What is Marketing Environment? Describe about micro and macro environmental factors?
Unit II
What is Market Segmentation? What are the bases for market Segmentation? Also write about segmenting consumer markets?
What is demand measurement? Describe about sales forecasting methods?
Unit III
Write about the stages in New Product Development
what is distribution channel? what are the functions of Distribution channel? write about channel design process.
Unit IV
what is consumer behaviour? what are the factors influencing industrial buying behaviour?
What are the characterstics of services markets? and strategies
Unit V
what is marketing organization?what the factors influencing global organization?
what is marketing control? what are the different marketing controls the management can exercise?
Short Answers Questions
Marketing Audit
Marketing Organization
stages in adoption process
seven o's structure
characteristics of services
Product line
product mix
online marketing
sales promotion
product life cycle
Marketing strategy
Marketing program
Marketing mix
Meta market
Marketing Myopia
social responsibility marketing
Green marketing
Holistic Marketing

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