Monday, September 24, 2012

Repositioning of Xylys

Xylys, a watch brand from Titan is on repositioning again. The brand has tried many platforms so far, this time, it was based on Design. And Design, always has been the USP of Xylys. Now the brand has new brand ambassador, Farhan Akhtar- famous Bollywood actor and director. The brand is running a campaign featuring celebrity and the new positioning theme. The style of execution of the ad is of narrative style which tells about the design. The has new tagline “Design. It Matter”, focusing on the new positioning element. 
Moreover, the watch that is featured in the ad is not an ordinary one and is peculiar in terms of design. Anyhow, Design is a very good platform and versatile to the taste and preference of evolving consumers. Having said, the brand must stick to its promise and deliver the same to meet customer expectations. Let us hope the brand is synonymous for Design.

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