Friday, September 30, 2011

QUCO: Perfume for Hair

QUCO, a  is an example for marketers conscious effort and keen focus on minute needs of customers. People might have experienced the smell of their hair sometimes, but they may not be serious about that. But, for marketer it is the their job to identify the even the smallest (problem) and benefit on that. Yes, it was identified  by vini cosmetics  and designed product to meet the problem with QUCO. So it is an example as to how marketer expands their product portfolio.

Quco is a hair perfume brand from Vini Cosmetics. Quco hairspray is one of the products from this company. It is trying to create a new product category for hair perfume in the Indian market through its innovation. One of the biggest challenge in front of vini cosmetics is the positioning of the QUCO product in the market. Moreover, Indian consumers are not even aware of this type of need for a hairspray. Certainly, it has to highlight the benefit/usefulness of the product through its positioning strategy to its customers, for that it has to educate through its promotional campaign.

Coming to behavioral aspects, especially the adoption process, is influenced by factors like perceived benefit, perceived risk. The brand claims to be alcohol free, thereby addressing the risk factor. The next point is to see whether the product is considered as a useful one or not. Though, the brand create awareness, does it really succeed enough in moving the consumer to retail outlet and compel him to purchase. Does Indian consumers really felt strong need for hair perfume? If yes, Does he/she really willing to shell out more than hundred bugs for this? So wait and watch the market to get the questions answered. Well, it the best example for product innovation which tries to create a new product category in the Indian Market.

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