Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marketing Management syllabus

Marketing Management

Unit – I: Basics:
Marketing, Market, Marketing Management. Tasks, Philosophies, Marketing Mix-expanded
Marketing Mix, Marketing Program and Marketing Strategy, Managing marketing effort, Global
marketing, Marketing Environment - Company's Micro and Macro Environment - Interface other functional areas
Unit – II: Market Segmentation:
Levels and Bases for Segmentation, Segmenting Consumer Markets, Business Markets,
International Markets, Market Targeting - Evaluating Market Segments, Selecting Market Segments – Differentiation, Product Positioning, Positioning Strategies, Demand Measurement and Sales Forecasting Methods, Estimating Current and Future Demand. Competitive strategies.
Unit – III: Marketing Programme:
Decisions Involved in Product, Branding, Packaging, Product Line and Product Mix Decisions. New Product development, Product Life Cycle, Pricing, Strategies, Distribution Channels, Channel Management Decisions, Promotion Mix - Advertising, Sales Promotion. Public Relations, Personal Selling. Online Marketing-
Unit – IV: Consumer Markets:
Model of Consumer Behavior, Seven Os Structure, Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior. Stages in the Adoption Process, Industrial Markets - Characteristics, Industrial Buyer Behavior, Services Markets-Characteristics, and Strategies.
Unit – V: Marketing Organization and Control:
Types of Marketing Organization Structures and Factors affecting Global marketing Organization, Marketing Organization Annual plan Control, Efficiency Control. Profitability Control and Strategic Control. Marketing Audit.
Suggested Books:
1. Kotler Philip, Garyarmstrong, Prafullay. Agnihotri, EU Haque, "Principles of Marketing", 2010,
13th Ed, Pearson Education Prentice Hall of Indi.
2. Paul Baines, Chris fill, Kelly page, "Marketing Management", 2009, 1st Ed. Oxford University
3. Roger j. best, "Market- Based Management", 2009, 1st Ed. PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
4. Kurtz & Boone, "Principles of Marketing", 2010, 12th Ed. Cengage Publications.
5. Tapan k panda, "Marketing Management". 2010, 1st Ed. Excel books.
6. Ramaswamy V.S. Namakumari S, "Marketing Management", 2009, The Global perspective-
Indian Context Macmillan India Ltd.
7. Rajan Saxena, "Marketing Management", 2009, 4th Ed. Tata McGraw Hill.

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